You are Your Superpower with Charlett Albert (#9)

You are your superpower with Charlett Albert

In this episode, I talk with Charlett Albert, a highly sought-after sales coach and feminine leadership mentor.

Charlett and I talk about finding your superpower, being intentional with time, using your feminine and masculine energies, the importance of character and so much more.

About Charlett Albert

Charlett Albert is a highly sought-after sales coach and feminine leadership mentor who has mastered the art & science of sales – simple strategies combined with feminine energetics. She has not only scaled her own business to six figures but has helped dozens of female online entrepreneurs as well. With over 10 years of business experience in sales/marketing and growing multiple businesses of her own, she has now made it her mission to help online business owners have consistent sales with ease.

You can reach out to Charlett at:

Instagram: ⁠@charlettalbert⁠


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[02:16] About Charlett Albert
[04:18] What Charlett values about being her own boss
[04:45] What it means when you say you are your own superpower
[07:40] How to identify your superpower
[09:38] Looking back on what made you happy when you were young
[11:10] Developing character and creating positive change
[16:08] Charlett walks through a shifting mindset exercise
[19:11] How to slow down in a fast-paced environment
[20:32] Valuing freedom with time management
[21:27] How Charlett starts her day to prime her for success
[24:20] Charlett explains feminine and masculine leadership
[27:19] Feminine qualities and how they can strengthen leadership
[28:12] Building a relationship with your team
[32:27] Helping your team show up for themselves
[34:49] What’s the most important about being a leader
[35:59] Charlett shares a learning experience from early in her career
[39:36] How can we empower girls at a young age
[42:45] Communication starts at home
[43:42] Charlett’s routine that she attributes her wellness to
[46:11] The song that hypes Charlett up when she needs an energy boost
[47:25] The one thing under $100 that made a difference in Charlett’s life
[48:30] Charlett shares her book recommendation


I truly believe we all come to this planet with unique skills unique talents, everyone is good in something.

When we are unleashing those talents the skill sets the experiences and also the challenges that we’ve overcome in the past when we take all of this together we become a driving force in the corporate world.

Developing the leader within is really learning how to lead yourself first.

Stop sitting doubting yourself and getting lost in external things that you give your power to and actually start moving to what you desire take your actions take the next best step that you can take.

True leadership is going first, it’s serving people.

A leader is someone who’s going first a leader is someone who is taking radical responsibility for the outcome and the action that they’re taking.

Slowing down is so important, especially in this fast-paced world.

It’s all about the feminine leadership which is mainly focusing on who are you being when you’re showing up but also a little bit of the masculine approach to having everything structured so you are actually getting to that goal.

Just a really cool reminder that sometimes the things that we hate or think we’re not good at could be the very very one thing that could lead to something really big and beautiful in life.





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