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Women Leaders Advancing Together! Join the 8-week online Bosstrack Leadership Accelerator Program. Gain the knowledge and confidence to have high impact with your team and get results.



Becoming a leader is an exciting opportunity and one to celebrate. This 8-week leadership training program helps the new leader become confident with the skills they need to succeed in and enjoy their new role. With this new title will come a host of new learning and growth opportunities. 

During our 8 weeks together, we’ll help you think through all of the upcoming changes to your role, your working style, your leadership mindset, and your team. In this program we’ll cover:

  • How to shift from individual contributor to leader
  • How to effectively plan and execute delegation
  • Developing a leader mindset
  • Growing your confidence to lead
  • Building trust with your new team
  • Time management, determining priorities and setting boundaries
  • Communicating with honesty and empathy
  • Understanding how your zone of responsibility impacts business operations
  • Learn how to read financial statements and understand how you and your team impacts results
  • Building your support network
  • And more…


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  • 1-year access to our community: Our community connects you to a network of like-minded, growth driven leaders, and experienced, successful leaders to ask questions any time and start building your network of success. The community also includes monthly live group coaching calls, member discounts, mini-courses, and more!
  • 1-year access to our growing Bosstrack course catalog so you can continue your learning beyond the accelerator program.


The 8-week women’s leadership training program covers a new topic each week. For convenience, learning is online and self-paced. Homework and activities are shared and discussed online. And to recap the week, the group meets with an executive coach on a Zoom meeting to discuss what was learned. Our coaches are experienced in leadership and are top in the industry.

These calls are free flowing and allow the group to talk about what they learned, questions they have, share ideas, discuss the activities for the week or even discuss real situations they’re working through at work. The topics by week are:

1: The Leadership Mindset
2: Building Trust with your Team
3: Confidence to Lead
4: Communication and Body Language
5: Building and Using Emotional Intelligence
6: Building Your Support Network
7: Intro to Business and Financial Acumen
8: Wrap-up

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Yes! This program is entirely virtual. You will be given access to a new module online each week. Your live instructional session for the week will be held using Zoom.

The coursework is self-paced, but generally you should expect to spend about 2-3 hours each week on the program. Your course will take about an hour to complete, your live instruction session is an hour each week and any online discussions will comprise the remaining 30 minutes.

Most likely, yes! There’s good chance your employer will pay for it 💸 AND think more highly of you for enrolling 👍. Most companies offer employees a professional development budget that can be used for our program. To help you out, we’ve drafted this email template to help you get approval from your manager.

Send each of your teammates this page and ask them to enroll. Have 3+ employees enrolling? Email us at: hello@thebosstrack.com to ask about team discounts.

We are always here for you if you have any questions (or just want to say hi!). Please email us at hello@thebosstrack.com

The First Time Leader Accelerator

An 8-week interactive experience to prepare you for your new leadership role.
$ 499 One-Time
  • 61% off: Early-bird pricing through December 22nd!
  • Comprehensive courses to prepare you for leadership
  • Access to a group of experienced mentors during program
  • Weekly 1-hour Zoom instruction with expert thought leaders in that week’s topic
  • Small co-hort of other like-minded women to learn with
  • BONUS: 1-year access to our community
  • BONUS: 1-year access to our growing Bosstrack course catalog
  • Continuing education credits - we’re approved partners of NASBA, SHRM and HRCI

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