Women to Follow in the NFT and Web3 Space – 2023

Women in tech

We just came off of Miami NFT Week and, while this year was a smaller attendance than last year, it was great to see the turnout of people who truly get the benefits of NFTs, DAOs, Blockchain and Crypto. And sadly, men are still dominating this space. While we at Bosstrack are not yet engaged in the Web3 space, we do want to provide you an updated list of the women to follow if you want to learn more about Web3.

Web3, NFTs, DAOs, Blockchain, Crypto – it all sounds geeky, foreign, and technical. And we all hear the negative news or commentary – where someone bought an NFT for millions and now it’s worthless, or how Bitcoin is down in value and it’s all a scam, or the overshadowing of AI and reports of everyone moving their focus over to AI. But there are so many practical applications (which you’ll understand once you start digging into it). Ralph Lauren just started accepting Bitcoin at it’s store in Miami, large companies like Nike , Tiffany and Gucci are attributing millions of dollars to Web3 revenue, charities are accepting digital currency as contributions, etc, etc. It is becoming mainstream at a rapid pace and it’s time to become part of the movement! So pass this article along to all of the women you know!

If you only have time for a few, we highlighted the women who are definite follows with an asterisk (*).

DISCLAIMER – This information is only current as of the date of this post. If you have any updates, please send them to hello@thebosstrack.com. Also, don’t jump into anything before you learn. Take your time to understand the crypto, blockchain, and NFT spaces before you invest in a project or NFT.

*Michelle Abbs – Founder of Web3equity.io. One time Forbes said she likes NFTs.

Rania Ajami – Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Metropolis World. She’s an award-winning filmmaker and the founder of several successful businesses in family entertainment.

Avery Akkineni – President of Vayner3 – guiding the world’s leading enterprises and intellectual property owners in the next iteration of consumer behavior.

Sirena Andras – Creative Director of Creative Chi, she’s a sustainable brand architect, empowering climate tech brands through their brand strategy.

Georgia Andrea – Community Marketing Manager at MakersPlace, creating NFT exhibitions around the world.

Angela Antony – Founder & CEO of Scoutible, the first gamified professional metaverse designed to help anyone find and achieve their purpose. 

Scarlet Arana – Founder of BitBasel, which is going to the moon in June 2023! She’s an Architect & Geospatial Scientist in Spatial Computing.

*Adryenn Ashley – Co-founder of Billionaire Zombies Club and Founder of Foxies – she hosts the globally broadcast television talk show “Minting the Future. She was named the #1 Woman in Blockchain Influencer in 2019 and 2022

Liz Bacelar – Executive Director of Global Tech Innovation for Estée Lauder Companies, powering NFT, Metaverse, interactive consumer experiences and emerging tech opportunities 

Brooklynn Bailey – Only 14 years old and has been selling digital products since she was 10. Whe’s an artist and uses her NFT projects to save the bees.

Rebekah Bastian – CEO & Co-founder of OwnTrail. Contributor to Forbes Magazine.

Josie Bellini – Cryptoartist and Founder of CyberBrokers, a project that will include 10,001 cryptoart collectibles.

Stefany Bello – Senior VP of Digital Partnerships, Retail and Commerce for Mastercard. She leads, oversees, and executes Mastercard’s Retail & Commerce agenda across Latin America.

Aniko Berman – Partner in Howl, a web3 marcomm/PR and creative talent agency.

Shanice Best – Strategy Consultant for Web3expos3d. She’s assisted in building some of the biggest communities in the space today.  She pioneered one of the fastest growing and most relevant shows in web3 with 35,000+ listeners/week “web3Exposed.”

Jessica Brodkin – Cofounder and creative director of the Mystical Muses NFT project.

Keri Brownrigg – Director of Operations for UREEQA Inc., a blockchain company that provides IP validation for NFTs.

Nicole Buffet – CEO of Nicole Buffet Studios. She’s a fine artist whose work is the intersectionality of spirituality, nature-based living, community, and its capacity to heal through art. Fortune Magazine listed Nicole as one of the top 50 influencers in the NFT space.

Kira Bursky – Founder of All Around Artsy. Magic & Mental Health Inspired Filmmaker & Multidisciplinary Artist

Ashley Caines – Ashley runs Community and Comms at Decent DAO. She is a self-taught cryptocurrency swing trader who’s been trading since 2017.

Vanessa Calas – Head of Community for Probably Something and Co-founder of Oceans DAO, an investment DAO formed to create change for good for oceans.

Sandy Carter – COO and Head of Business Development for Unstoppable Domains. She has been recognized by CNN as one of the top 10 most powerful women in tech.

Alexandra Checa – Content creator and storyteller in the NFT space.

Deanna Christy – Cofounder of Boss Babes NFT.

Karley Chynces – Global Commercial Real Estate Advisor who guides her clientele towards buying and selling their real estate assets with digital currencies. As an agent and advisor of Web3, she is bringing investors, major real estate developers, and businesses into the Blockchain.

Daniela Ciocca – COO of Pudgy Penguins.

LC Cole – Web3/blockchain/cryptocurrency attorney at International Blockchain Legal, LLP. On the founding team for Web3Equity, OceansDAO and the Fathom Yacht Club NFT project.

Patricia Gloria Contreras – CEO and founder of The Flawless agency and founder of Patricia Contreras DAO, an NFT collection that contributes to the development of women.

Jasmine Cooper – Leads tokenization and DeFi products at RippleX

Doreen Cummings – Creator/Author of A Bug Travels Far and the Founder/CEO of A Bug Travels Far Entertainment, LLC.

Sydney Davis – Founder of NixCode, an artificial intelligent no-code app development software company.

Marguerite DeCourcelle – CEO of blockchain game studio Blockade Games and an avid NFT collector.

Robin DeLisser – US Ambassador for the Bitcoin Association and CEO and Founder of Empower Resources, a recruiting firm specializing in technology and executive roles.

Tatiana DeMaria – Musician and Founder of Supafanatix and Head of Web3 at Nacci

Allyson Downey – Co-founder of Meta Angels, an NFT community centered around the values of generosity, transparency, and accessibility.

Anastasia Drinevskaya – Creative Director and CEO at Cointelegraph Communications. She has built NFT campaigns for brands and scaled some of the largest crypto/NFT/blockchain media companies.

Jotaka Eaddy – Founder and CEO of Full Circle Strategies and founder of the movement #WinWithBlackWomen. She has advised Oprah Winfrey and advised Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women initiative.

Juliana Echavarria – President of the Blockchain Club at Florida International University.

Sarah Endline – Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Innovation Lab and Harvard Business School. Former founding CEO & Chief Rioter of sweetriot in NYC and a long-time entrepreneur.

Breanna Faye – Leading technology futurist, MIT-trained architect, artist and creative, CTO of The Underline 501c3 and founder of Metarkitex, a collective that builds generative virtual architecture for the Metaverse

Soy Fira – NFT Artist in Columbia. Named one of the 50 most creative people in Columbia.

Gisel Florez – Photographer and a cofounder of Women of Crypto Art, a crypto-loving community of women.

Kristina Flynn – CEO and Co-founder of INTENTIONAL., an agency and collective helping creators and founders build scalable, winning brands in Web3.

Diana Fox – Co-founder of Beyond All the Noise, a weekly web3 brand newsletter, and founding member of the business development team at Outbrain.

Andrea Friedman – Senior Sales Manager at AIKON and a passionate advocate for a decentralized world.

Magdalena Galarraga – CEO and Co-founder of Unflipped and Creative Director of Cominted Labs, an NFT and Metaverse studio building Web3 experiences for disruptive brands

Erin Gambrel – Full Time Stock Trader, Educator, Content Creator, Founder of Unique Unicorns NFT project and she has an upcoming TV show, The Future of Money.

Anna Gandrabura – Founder of English for IT which helps tech professionals improve their communication skills and co-founded The Chain Miami, an insider guide to web3 events and educational resources in Miami.

Sofia Garcia – Founder fo ARTXCODE, a generative art house dedicated to supporting the contemporary algorithmic art movement.

Brenda Gentry – DeFi & NFT Expert Advisor and CEO of Bundlesbets and owner of gentrymediaxyz.

Hofit Golan – Crypto Queen and a Forbes magazine influencer of the year.

Julieanna Goddard (aka YesJulz) – Founder and CEO of 1AM Media, a female-founded and operated entertainment company.

Natasha Graziano – Best-selling author of ‘The Action Plan’ and ‘Be It Until You Become It’, and host of The Law of Attraction Podcast, and co-founder of the Fame Project.

Kitty Grier – Founder of NFT Girl Gang, an ecosystem connecting womxn (and friends!) in web3 with the resources they need to connect and succeed

Stephanie Guerrero – CMO and VP of Business Development at Legato and Founder of Goat for Mars, a consulting firm specializing in development, marketing and community-building of web3 music projects.

Manouschka Guerrier – CEO of Single Serving, she’s a celebrity chef turned Web3 advisor, IRL NFT event curator, connector and collector.

Katie Haun – Founder and CEO of HaunVentures and former co-lead of Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund, a16z crypto, a major backer of top NFT-related startups.

Dr. B. Sarah Haynes – Founder of CoachEraTech, an early stage SaaS company.

Melissa Henderson – Founder of The Violet Verse, a decentralized CMS for readers and writers.

Heartwell_art – Founder of Radiant Beings of the Metaverse collection – mixes 2D and 3D art styles with expressive figures in tech themed environments.

Lindsay Howard – Head of Community at Foundation, an NFT marketplace.

Cherie Hu – Writer of the influential newsletter, Water & Music, which covers the intersection of music and tech innovation.

Roxette Irvine – Managing Director of The Lab Miami, turning it into a space foo web3 education and BUIDL, and Director of Web3 Global at Founder Institute.

Alisa Jacobs – Founder fo LOOP Studios and CEO and Founder of Lucid Vision. Previously she was the Chief Strategy Officer of Galaxy Racer, the world’s leading esports lifestyle organization.

Sallie Jian – Head of SAP.iO New York, the venture capital and corporate innovation arm of SAP.

Jalak Jobanputra – Founder and Managing Partner of Future\Perfect Venture and pioneer investor who works with global founders who are building blockchain technology and crypto-assets.

Alissa Jordan – Licensed attorney with 15+ years of experience in compliance and ethics. Cohost of The Stars Podcast and Growth Mindset Moment podcasts.

Michelle Joubert – Web3 Strategist and community builder, she co-produced several Web3/Crypto related large scale events.

Magdalena Kala – Founder of Double Down, an early-stage venture fund investing at the intersection of web3 and consumer culture.

Megan Kaspar – Co-founder and Managing Director at FirstLight, a privately held digital asset, blockchain agnostic and technology investment firm. She is a founding member of Red DAO, the world’s first digital fashion-focused DAO.

Supreet Kaur – Web3 consultant assisting startups with partnerships and business development. She previously led operations at EmpireDAO.

Dr. Amanda Kavner – Web3 and AI educational speaker with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Rebekah Keida – Founder of Vysical, a marketing company that specializes in creating immersive content and tokenization strategies.

Krista Kim – Co-founder of 0 Metaverse, a Web3.0 Innovation Lab and Mataverse studio. She’s also the artist behind Mars House .

Tara Kwon – Co-founder and CEO of Hyped Collective, a company that offers a borderless web3 experience through NFT tech solutions and exclusive events.

Nicolle Lafosse – Dual-barred attorney in the United States (Washington DC) and Honduras

Leila Ismailova – Cofounder of Artisant NFT, a collection of digital fashion NFTs.

Julie Lamb – Founder of NFT VIP, Executive Producer of Mami NFT Week, Event Organizer for NFT.NYC, and Founder and CEO of How To With Julie Sue, helping brands build community using current tools and a highly trained curated network of viral agents.

Maria Lobanova – CEO and Founder of Interstellar Digital PR Agency and Crypto Journalist.

Soraia Malaquias – Creator of Boujee Bullies – an NFT collection with the goal of raising money for anti-bullying organizations.

Amaranta Martinez – Visual Artist, the Superama, and Emmy award-winning art director, AR muralist, and NFT creator.

Jessica Neer McDonald – Founder of the law firm Neer McD PLLC, she educates on IP issues through Blockish IP and on web3 IP.

Teresa Melvin – 14-year-old NFT artist who has created 60+ NFTS and sold around 35+ NFTs. Soon launching a new collection, Avamarona

Pierino Merino – Founder and CEO of FlickPlay a real-life application for the explosion of digital art and collectibles

Kimber Merkel – Founder of NFT101 – Simple Lessons on Everything NFT Beginner (101) | Intermediate (201) | and Advanced (301)

Melanie Mohr – Founder/CEO WOM Protocol, the blockchain company helping brands tap into peer-to-peer recommendations and digital publishers monetize their platforms in a user-friendly way through word-of-mouth content

Sarai Mora – VR Performance artist at the intersection of virtual reality and fine art. Founder of the Creatress DAO on NEAR protocol, helping highlight and uplift women and nonbinary folks through curating in person and live exhibitions.

Jyothee Murali – Founder of the collection “Dual Soul” in 2021 which represents unity and duality between souls in order to teach consciousness through art.

Andra Nicolau – Head of Business Development and Strategy at Origin Protocol where she focused on OUSD growth.

Megan Nyvold – Head of Media, North America, at BingX, a leading crypto exchange that offers spots, derivatives, copy, and grid trading services.

Andrea Ocampo – CEO of HBU Media , a creative consulting agency helping athletes and brands become powerhouses in their industry. She is also TV Host and Producer of NFTStudio24.com and Founder of the NFT fantasy graphic novel, GOENFT.

Oona Oona – OONA doesn’t really exist but she takes herself very seriously so you should too. OONA is a multidimensional metashill artist who uses moving image, audio, and performance art to ask questions about identity, power & pleasure

Sara O’Shea – Global Community Manager at Pexels and Co-Creator of Wudland World, a community on a mission to empower more women to create, connect, and lead in the next era of the internet.

Michelle Ozog – Music Entertainment Web3 Counsel at Ozog Law, PLLC.

Kenasha Paul – Founder and CEO of the Black Professionals Network (BPN), the fastest-growing degree-to-industry professional pathway organization for career professionals providing talent recruitment and engagement

Driana Pommier – Contributor to Fintech.tv and a skilled marketing strategist with a focus on blockchain, digital assets and impact investing.

Kirby Porter – Founder of New Game Labs, helping athletes grow their brands and businesses through content creation.

Masha Prusso – Partner at Crypto PR Lab, a boutique PR, events, marketing and advisory agency for blockchain and tech startups. Former Head of Public Relations at Polygon – the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.

Christine Prydatko – Founding Partner in Simple Vodka and co-publisher and SVP of Business Development at James Lane Post.

Paula Reina – Founder of Audiochain, a blockchain music ecosystem, Chief Blockchain Officer of Proliphiq, and Director of Blockchain Business Development at Tron/BitTorrent for the United States,

Laura Rodriguez – Co-founder of The Miami Ape, a web3 consulting and media company. She’s an NFT investor, community builder, and host with a passion for empowering others through education and was featured in Forbes as one of the 10 must-follow influencers in the LATAM space.

Monica Rojas – Head of Community at Upstream where she is building the future of communities through their DAO-in-a-box, no code, full-stack platform.

Paris Rouzati – General partner of IDEO CoLab Ventures, focused on the firm’s investments in the metaverse, NFTs, social tokens, and DeFi.

Gabriela Sabate – Founder of Health Semantics and Quralo, CEO of Cloodie, an EHR and HIS SaaS software, and co-founder of Primero3.

Nikita Sachdev – Founder and CEO of LUNA PR and CEO of Cointelegraph MENA and Luna Media Corp.

Tanya Sam – Founder of The Ambition Fund, is an investment company focused on funding businesses founded by women and minority entrepreneurs.

Peg Samuel – Head of Web3 Marketing and Strategy at MetaJuice, where they’re building the blockchain-driven meta-economy where everyone can earn, play, own, and create the future of the metaverse. Co-founder and Head of Entertainment at Fierce Studios.

Claudia Sandino – CRYPTO & NFT Marketing Strategist. Co-Founder of Meta Public Consulting.

Manuela Seve – Co-founder and CEO of Alpha’a and alphaa.io where she is changing the way we think of asset ownership by connecting the physical and digital realms via blockchain certification.

Maria Shen – Partner at Electric Capital. She oversees a portfolio of investments in different crypto companies.

Arina Shulga – Attorney at Nelson Mullins where an important focus of her work is representing fintech startups, including those companies that operate in the blockchain space. 

Marcy Simon – CEO and Founder of Agent of Change, a strategic communications firm committed to thoughtful storytelling and building brand awareness.

Swan Sit – Speaker and Creator at Swan Co. Forbes dubbed “Queen of Clubhouse,” Independent Board Director at Edgewell, and Novabay, and an Advisor at AF Ventures.

Shannon Snow – COO of World of Women, one of the world’s leading NFT brands celebrating representation, inclusion, and equity in Web3 and beyond.

The Honorable Sara Sooy – Founder of Alpha Strategies Group and a member of the Board of Directors for a NASDQ-listed public company focused on extending banking and remittance services to the Latino community. She is currently serving her second term on the Somerset County Board of Commissioners.

Jen Stark – Artist whose NFT “Multiverse” auctioned for 150 ETH, making her the first female artist in Foundation’s top 10 highest selling creators.

Amy Street – Head of Growth at Rove World, she’s advised, consulted, and accelerated growth for NFT projects and events. She’s a thought leader in the Solana ecosystem.

Jennifer Styles – VP and Head of Communications at OneOf, a mass-consumer Web3 company connecting the next 100M non-crypto-native fans to iconic brands, artists, and athletes.

Luli Sulichin – A visual artist focused on issues of diversity, identity, and authenticity through the use of visual projects that intersect contemporary art with technology to create unique social commentary.

Jennifer Sutto – Head of Marketing at evaluate.xyz and co-host of the NFT Catcher podcast. She’s also known as Jenny From The Blockchain.

Steph Sutto – Head of Community and Social at Cryptoys, a digital toy platform. Host of Ladies Night TV.

Nata Suu – Product Designer and Frontend developer working to close the gap for Latin women in web3. User Researcher at Cryptonikas DAO.

Ariana the Techie – Full-stack software engineer and founder of Mueshi, The Home of Fine Art NFT’s and host of the Women in Tech with Ariana podcast.

Christine Theriot – Head of Partnerships with World of Women and previously Director of Strategic Partnerships with myBFF.

Daria Tsvenger – Mental Wellness Coach and Founder of Crypto Moon SMM – marketing / analytics company for crypto / NFT projects.

Lauren Turton – Founder of Freedom with NFTs which provides NFT education via a podcast, blog articles, courses, and a community for support. Partner at Ciao Ciao Piadina, the first independently owned restaurant to launch an NFT project that generates in real-life sales at the restaurant.

Dr. Peace Uche – Forbes-featured public speaker, host of GOLDen Meta Sessions Podcast, and Founder of MetaGOLD, helping build community and profits with customized marketing assets and high-quality voiceovers.

Araceli Villanueva – CEO of AVL Consultants, a company focused on helping clients meet their financial goals. She’s currently working on TERRA NFT, an innovative and revolutionary investment real estate project consisting of 160 Villas, a conference center, and many amenities to enjoy!

Melissa Walsh – Web3 Healthcare Advocate and #1 supporter of Spottie WiFi.

Alana Whitaker – Co-Founder of Blue Collar to the Blockchain, upskilling initiatives for the everyday person, Chapter Lead of The Blacks in Technology Foundation and CEO of Digital Greenbook, an educational web3-based business 

Jac White – Strategic Advisor at Honeybees Group, where she partners with founders and executive teams during critical moments, helping to optimize the revenue trajectory.

Neda Whitney – SVP and Head of Marketing Americas for Christie’s. She has helped move Christie’s into the digital world.

Jennifer Wong – Co-founder and curator of the Seattle NFT Museum, the world’s first NFT museum

RagzyX – Contemporary artist widely recognized for her exceptional talent and contributions to the global art community. She launched the NFT series “Byte Candy.” She is also among the top LEGO creators in the US.

Stacey Yael – Founder of Visible Women Agency, a feminine intelligence agency celebrating & connecting trailblazers through live talking circle happenings & podcasts, creator of Visible Women NFT, with a mission to empower women and promote gender equality, and host of Visible Women podcast.

Emily Yang – Designer of visual graphics for motion pictures – and founder of PleasrDAO, an NFT investment club.

Suki Yang – Senior Product Manager at CertiK, working on enterprise security products. She is an angel investor and advisor to crypto companies.

Nicole Yap – Founder of 8SIAN – 8,888 NFTs of beautiful, Asian women painstakingly-crafted where even the most intricate details are steeped in historical significance, and Founder of 8Consultant, which advises NFT projects.

Lisa Yu – 10X Angel Investor, 2X Entrepreneur, Startup Coach, Ex-Silicon Valley Executive, Former Microsoft Security and Research, Go-To-Market Leader, Community Builder, and International Speaker.

Katia Zaitsev – Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of Lexit, the Next Generation NFT & DeFi Platform.


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