Women to Follow in the NFT Space

Women in NFTs

We just came off of Miami NFT Week and realized, dearest reader, that men are dominating this space (yes – we just watched all 8 episodes of Bridgerton-Season 2). While we are new to the space and not yet engaged in NFTs, we felt compelled to provide you with a list of women who are dominating the space.

Yes, it can sound like a geeky, foreign, technical concept, but there are so many practical applications (which you’ll understand once you start digging into it) – it is highly likely to become mainstream at a rapid rate. Let’s pass this info along to all of the women you know so we can be part of this movement!

If you only have time for a few, we highlighted the women who are definite follows with an asterisk (*).

DISCLAIMER – don’t jump into anything before you learn. Take your time to understand the crypto, blockchain and NFT spaces before you invest in a project or NFT.

Michelle Abbs – Founder of Web3equity.io. One time Forbes said she likes NFTs.

Avery Akkineni – President of VaynerNFT – making it happen for Gary V.

Liz Anthony – Founder of Liz Anthony Nutrition and co-founder of NFT Entertainment and NFT University

*Angela Antony – Founder & CEO of Scoutible, the first gamified professional metaverse designed to help anyone find and achieve their purpose. 

Scarlet Arana – Founder of BitBasel Miami and a trained Architect and Geospatial Scientist

*Adryenn Ashley – Co-founder of Billionaire Zombies Club and Founder of Foxies – she educates women and girls in blockchain and entrepreneurship

Liz Bacelar – Global Director of Innovation for Estée Lauder Companies, powering NFT, Metaverse and emerging tech opportunities 

Rebekah Bastian – CEO & Co-founder of OwnTrail. Contributor to Forbes Magazine.

Jessica Brodkin – Cofounder and creative director of the Mystical Muses NFT project

Kira Bursky – Founder of All Around Artsy. Magic & Mental Health Inspired Filmmaker & Multidisciplinary Artist

Paula Carozzo – Inclusive Activist, disabled content creator, model and speaker. Cultivating inclusion and accessibility in the Web3 space

Deanna Christy – Cofounder of Boss Babes

LC Cole – Web3/blockchain/cryptocurrency attorney at International Blockchain Legal, LLP. On the founding team for Web3Equity, OceansDAO and the Fathom Yacht Club NFT project

Patricia Gloria Contreras – CEO and founder of The Flawless agency is an artist, model and digital entrepreneur

Jasmine Cooper – Leads tokenization and DeFi products at RippleX

Doreen Cummings – Creator/Author of A Bug Travels Far and the Founder/CEO of A Bug Travels Far Entertainment, LLC.

Aviva David – New Earth Media

Allyson Downey – Co-founder of Meta Angels, an NFT community centered around the values of generosity, transparency, and accessibility

Sarah Endline – Harvard Innovation Lab. Founding CEO & Chief Rioter of sweetriot in NYC and a long time entrepreneur

Breanna Faye – Leading technology futurist, MIT-trained architect, artist and creative, CTO of The Underline 501c3 and founder of Metarkitex, a collective that builds generative virtual architecture for the Metaverse

Soy Fira – NFT Artist in Columbia

Magdalena Galarraga – Creative Director of Cominted Labs, an NFT and Metaverse studio building Web3 experiences for disruptive brands

Erin Gambrel – Full Time Stock Trader, Educator, Content Creator, Founder of Unique Unicorns NFT project and Host of the Two Girls One Trade Podcast

Brenda Gentry – DeFi & NFT Expert Advisor and Owner of Bundlesbets

Hofit Golan – CRYPTO QUEEN. Forbes magazine influencer of the year

Natasha Graziano – Best-selling author of ‘The Action Plan’, and host of The Law of Attraction Podcast, and co-founder of the Fame Project

Kitty Grier – Founder of NFT Girl Gang, an ecosystem connecting womxn (and friends!) in web3 with the resources they need to connect and succeed

Dr. B. Sarah Haynes – CEO, Founder of Dr. Haynes Collective

Heartwell_art – Founder of Radiant Beings of the Metaverse collection – mixes 2D and 3D art styles with expressive figures in tech themed environments.

Alisa Jacobs – Chief Strategy Officer of Galaxy Racer NA, the world’s leading esports lifestyle organization

Jalak Jobanputra – Founder Future Perfect Venture and pioneer investor who works with global founders who are building blockchain technology and crypto-assets

Genesis Johnson – 9 year old artist interested in NFT and crypto

Alissa Jordan – Licensed attorney with 15+ years of experience in compliance and ethics

*Dr. Amanda Kavner – Head of Education for Floki University, PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience

Nicolle Lafosse – Dual-barred attorney in the United States (Washington DC) and Honduras

*Julie Lamb – Founder * CEO * Entrepreneur @ How To With Julie Sue NYC USA

Tracy Lee – Creative Director for Maxim NFT and is also involved in curating galleries and selling her photography as NFTs

Tessa Leffall – Web3 professional, specializing in project management, community management, program development, and NFT marketing and consulting currently working at VaynerNFT and Mansa Streaming

Becky Litvintchouk – Co-Founder of New Earth Media

Soraia Malaquias – Creator of Boujee Bullies – an NFT collection with the goal of raising money for anti-bullying organizations.

Alex Marshall – Director of limited partners for the emerging manager practice at Silicon Valley Bank

Teresa Melvin – 12-year-old NFT artist who has created 60+ NFTS and sold around 35+ NFTs

Pierino Merino – Founder and CEO of FlickPlay a real-life application for the explosion of digital art and collectibles

Kimber Merkel – Founder of NFT101 – Simple Lessons on Everything NFT Beginner (101) | Intermediate (201) | and Advanced (301)

Melanie Mohr – Founder/CEO WOM Protocol, the blockchain company helping brands tap into peer-to-peer recommendations and digital publishers monetize their platforms in a user-friendly way through word-of-mouth content

Sarai Mora – VR Performance artist at the intersection of virtual reality and fine art. Founder of the Creatress DAO on NEAR protocol, helping highlight and uplift women and nonbinary folks through curating in person and live exhibitions.

Jyothee Murali – Founder of the collection “Dual Soul” in 2021 which represents unity and duality between souls in order to teach consciousness through art

Andrea Ocampo – Founder of HBU Media , a creative consulting agency helping athletes and brands become powerhouses in their industry

Oona Oona – OONA doesn’t really exist but she takes herself very seriously so you should too. OONA is a multidimensional metashill artist who uses moving image, audio, and performance art to ask questions about identity, power & pleasure

Kenasha Paul – Founder and CEO of the Black Professionals Network (BPN), the fastest-growing degree-to-industry professional pathway organization for career professionals providing talent recruitment and engagement

Jennifer Pina – Founder, Next Level DAO, the Worlds first ever block chain based real estate DAO

Masha Prusso – Head of Public Relations at Polygon – the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development

Paula Reina – Director of Blockchain Business Development at Tron/BitTorrent for the United States

*Laura Rodriguez – The Miami Ape – NFT investor, community builder, and host with a passion for empowering others through education

Monica Rojas – Head of Community at Upstream where she is building the future of communities through their DAO-in-a-box, no code, full-stack platform

Nikita Sachdev – Founder and CEO of LUNA PR, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

*Tanya Sam – Founder of The Ambition Fund, is an investment company focused on funding businesses founded by women and minority entrepreneurs.

Peg Samuel – co-founder and Head of Entertainment at Fierce Studios

Nicole Sandford – Shopify’s Blockchain Product Operations Manager

Claudia Sandino – CRYPTO & NFT Marketing Strategist. Co-Founder of Meta Public Consulting

Swan Sit – Forbes dubbed “Queen of Clubhouse,” Independent Board Director at Edgewell (NYSE: EPC), Novabay (NYSE: NBY) and Far Niente, and an Operating Partner at AF Ventures

Gianina Skarlett – Founder of Crypto Tech Women

Karen Tang – Global PR & Comms Manager of Catheon Gaming

*Ariana the Techie – full stack software engineer and founder of Mueshi, The Home of Fine Art NFT’s and host of the Women in Tech with Ariana podcast 

Christine Theriot – Director of Strategic Partnerships with myBFF

Daria Tsvenger – Mental Wellness Coach and founder of Crypto Moon SMM – marketing / analytics company for crypto / NFT projects.

Lauren Turton – Public Speaker, Podcast Host, #1 Best Selling Author, Self-Portrait Photographer, Restaurateur, and Non-Profit Vice President. Partner at Ciao Ciao Piadina, the first independently owned restaurant to launch an NFT project that generates in real life sales at the restaurant.

*Dr. Peace Uche – Forbes-featured public speaker, emcee, podcast host, and educator in the NFT space

Jennifer Wong – Co-founder and curator of the Seattle NFT Museum, the world’s first NFT museum

RagzyX – Launched the NFT series “Byte Candy”

Stacey Yael – CEO & founder of Visible Women NFT, with a mission to empower women and promote gender equality

Suki Yang – Head of growth and BD at Hyype, a NFT social and content platform

Nicole Yap – Founder of 8SIAN – 8,888 NFTs of beautiful, Asian women painstakingly-crafted where even the most intricate details are steeped in historical significance

Lisa Yu – 10X Angel Investor, 2X Entrepreneur, Startup Coach, Ex-Silicon Valley Executive, Former Microsoft Security and Research, Go-To-Market Leader, Community Builder, and International Speaker

Katia Zaitsev – Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of the Next Generation NFT & DeFi Platform called LEXIT.

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  1. Thank you Michelle – for recognizing so many great women in the space 🙂 It’s an honor to share the light with these forward thinking ladies !!!