What about men

What about men

What about men? Are they excluded?

Not at all! Men are welcome to join our community and take our courses. We need men to understand our challenges and support change. 

Our courses are designed to be women-centric. While our course content relates to everyone, regardless of gender, we do discuss challenges that are specific to women and we use images that ensure all women are represented. And while it’s not our primary focus, our group discussions do support specific challenges our women leaders are facing in the workplace. 

We do, however, also discuss ways men can help reduce bias and support women as they overcome these biases and grow in leadership roles.

Men are also welcome to join our community – in fact we have members who are men. Our only asks are that you (1) respect the community as a safe space for everyone involved, and (2) join with a good faith intention of helping to change the statistics! 

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