Using Your Intuition in Leadership with Emily Aarons (#4)

Using Intuition in Leadership with Emily Aarons

In this episode we talk with Emily Aarons, a business alignment coach and intuitive energy healer and host of the top podcast “Aligned & Unstoppable.”

We talk with Emily about trusting your intuition to make decisions, knowing where to set boundaries to create the life you want and making the space to listen to your inner self to understand what you need.

Such an interesting, energetic and wide-ranging discussion with Emily!

About Emily Aarons:

Emily Aarons is the most sought after intuitive healer for female empire builders. She’s best known for getting her clients out of overwhelm and burnout and unlocking the wisdom within to create alignment in their business. For over two decades, Emily has been practicing healing work directly with powerful visionaries and teaching them how to tap into their intuition to activate quantum growth in their business.

Emily is the creator of the “Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Deck” and “Aligned & Unstoppable Personal Journal”, and is the host of the top podcast “Aligned & Unstoppable”.

In addition to her business, Emily, her husband and two young boys live on a small backyard “hobby” farm with a puppy Belgian Malinois, baby goats, chickens, and ducks. She loves nature and exploring the outdoors and cooking fresh-from-the garden meals.

You can find Emily at:

Website: h⁠ttps://emilyaarons.com/

Podcast: Aligned & Unstoppable

YouTube: ⁠https://www.youtube.com/c/EmilyAarons⁠

Instagram: @emilyaarons

Facebook: @emilyaaronsholistic


Angels in Your Biz Oracle card deck
Aligned and Unstoppable journal
Aligned and Unstoppable Podcast
Katy Perry’s Fireworks
Sensitive is the New Strong by Anita Moorjani
The Lifestylist Podcast by Luke Storey
Fields of Consciousness
Mastery and Ascension Membership


[0:36] Introduction
[2:46] Emily introduces herself and discusses her background
[6:45] What it’s like to work with women in corporate as an intuitive energy healer
[14:11] On having it all and work-life balance vs. integration
[19:50] Identifying where to start setting boundaries
[29:59] How to stop your mind from racing when you’re taking breaks
[35:32] How Emily talks somebody through what decision to make
[47:16] Using intuition to combat indecision
[49:22] Providing live energy healings to female entrepreneurs and leaders
[52:00] The music Emily listens to when she needs an energy boost
[53:17] Using music and a trampoline for energy, blood flow and lymphatic drainage 
[53:59] The podcast Emily listens to and recommends


I didn’t realize how I could make an impact the way i wanted to because I only knew this one model of doing business and so it really took finding different mentors um to help me to see what was not directly in my eyes to see a broader picture of what was possible.

We have to reorganize how you start your day how you how you start your week and how you intentionally create this container for the most success to happen.

If you’re noticing that the mornings are a slog and you can’t quite get yourself into a rhythm no matter how much coffee you drink it might be the routine that you are starting your day with.

Working with me it’s like allowing yourself to have those wishes and desires and the permission to go ahead and implement them.

I’m helping them to learn techniques energetically to tell within their own body their own system their own intuition what is the best case scenario for their highest and best good.

When we talk about balance is not a hundred percent of everything but it is truly finding what what’s a priority.

Creating the life that you love I don’t think it’s about balance but it’s truly about saying yes to things you truly mean yes about and saying no to things you may know about.

The more you actually tap into your true self your intuition you can start to say those yeses and those knows you start to become 100 responsible for your life.

When you have a triggering thought feeling emotion something’s coming up for you clearly there’s something up I get quiet and I get curious so if you get quiet and curious get inquisitive like I wonder where that came from.

We’re so busy that we burn ourselves out and it’s like we are numb to all the sensations in our body and if we just stop for a minute and like breathe and listen it’s going to give us so much data and then we can go all right now I can process this and move on with my life.

At the end of the day you’re the one who makes the final call even if 20 people have given you their opinion.

Staying in indecision it can kind of wreak havoc on your body and it can add elevated stress which then pumps cortisol into your system and then your hormones are all out of whack and then that can cause other.





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