Tina Asher on Leadership Development, Handling Burnout on Your Team, and Making Good Decisions (#15)

Tina Asher on Leadership Development, Burnout and Good Decisions

In this episode I talk with Tina Asher, a career coach who enjoys leadership development and helping busy professionals get out of the rat race and build on a career that they love.

Tina and I talk about leadership development, recognizing the early signs of burnout with your team and how to address it, using her change cycle to make good decisions and so much more.

About Tina Asher

Tina Asher is the owner fo Build U Up Consulting where she provides career guidance to busy professionals.

Prior to starting her business, she was a Regional VP for a 9 state region in the mortgage industry and served as the President of the National Association for Mortgage Women. She was a top performer in the corporate world for more than 30 years.

She recently published her first book, Teetering – a Frazzled, Overworked Person’s Guide to Embrace Change and Find Balance. And if you’re looking to improve your relationships at work or home, get promoted, negotiate for a pay raise, or change to a new career, Tina’s 5 step proven success path will help you get the results you want.

Tine’s passion is and has always been encouraging others to reach their full potential while balancing a full and productive life.

How to contact Tina

LinkedIn: ⁠@tinaasher⁠

Email: tina@builduup.net

Website: ⁠Builduup.net


The Five Love Languages
Thinking in Bets – Annie Duke
Champion by Carrie Underwood
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WalkingPad folding treamill for under desk
Dare to Lead by Brené Brown 
Brene Brown
Simon Sinek – A Bit of Optimism podcast
Strong in Battle – Susie Larson
How I Built This – podcast


[02:17] Tina introduces herself
[04:09] Lack of people development is a challenge
[06:59] The process Tina uses in her career consulting
[08:46] Tina talks about her book – Teetering
[09:18] How managers can help their team with burnout
[11:49] How to recognize burnout in someone on your team
[14:05] The importance of empathy and emotional intelligence for leaders
[15:31] The value assessments can provide in different situations
[21:28] Making hiring decisions based on assessments
[23:09] The change cycle and approaching decisions with confidence
[25:57] Understanding where we should put more thought into our decisions
[29:17] Chilling out so you don’t miss opportunities
[31:05] Setting and communicating boundaries without guilt
[32:57] The mentor that made a significant difference in Tina’s career
[36:19] The routine Tina attributes her well-being to
[37:30] The song that gives Tina an energy boost when she needs it
[38:50] The one purchase <$100 that made a difference in Tina’s life
[40:51] The book and podcast Tina recommends everyone check out


I think there’s a big challenge with the professional development on the people side.

And then I think the other big challenge that new leaders face or leaders in general is there’s such a generation gap.

It’s really rewarding when you see the light bulb go on or you see their confidence build or you see them explore something that they never in a million years would think, “I would really be good at this”.

It’s what support do you need to get the job done that you’re required to do or that you’re you’re supposed to do and how can I support you

It always comes down to how much is this decision of this change going to be in alignment with who you are because when you’re in alignment you’re going to be happier you’re going to be more fulfilled and you’re not going to be second guessing everything as much.

I wish I would have been okay with not having everything so perfect.

One of the biggest mistakes I made early in my career was not having those safe set boundaries where I could really manage my time to the to the best for what was right for me.





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