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Authentic Leadership for women

Michelle Harris joins Stichiz and Sandi Glandt on the CONNECT Network TV to talk about Bosstrack and our model for authentic leadership.

Michelle talks about why she founded Bosstrack, what we offer and then gets into our Authentic Leader Model. All of our courses are based on this model which includes the following pillars:

-Connected communication

-Clear confidence

-Transparent trust

-Elevated empathy

-Worklife wellness

-Operational ownership and financial finesse

We end the discussion discussing Michelle’s pursuit for a cofounder! You can find the full episode on The CONNECT Network TV Channel.


Stichiz: Welcome back, connect fam. This is truly a pleasure. We have founder and CEO of the Bosstrack with us today, Ms. Michelle Harris. She has over 25 years of experience in building and motivating teams, and now he’s applying all of that amazing knowledge to help others. Please help us new to connect them, Ms. Michelle Harris. Hey Michelle. 

Michelle: Hi. Thank you so much for having me today. I’m so excited to be.

Sandi: Welcome. We’re excited to have you . So, Bosstrack is something that you started to fill a gap in leadership opportunities. Tell us more about what Bosstrack is. 

Michelle: Yeah, thank you for asking. Bosstrack is a women’s leadership development company.

We’re focused on training and development, community and mentorship. Our goal is to make women succeed as leaders and feel encouraged and excited about it. . Generally we offer women’s leadership to new women leaders. We offer an eight week online accelerator cohort program that runs quarterly and we’re soon gonna be starting up in-person events here in the Miami area.

Stichiz: Nice. So we’re back outside. And, and I will say your glasses are, are talking boss. They’re, they’re talking. 

Michelle: Oh, great!

Stichiz: I love them. So I really, I wanna get to the core of this if we can. Michelle, your program is really around the authentic leadership model. Can you flush that out a little bit? What that really is all about and how it can actually help aspiring leaders.

Michelle: Yeah, of course. So the Authentic Leader model is something I developed based on my 25 years of leadership experience and research that I’ve done over the years. And all of our, all of our courses are built off of this model. And the model focuses on six core concepts, which are connected communication, clear confidence, transparent trust, el elevated empathy, work-life wellness and an added focus of operational ownership and financial finesse. 

Stichiz: thank you for sharing that with us. And I wanna ask you, Michelle, you’re actually currently, correct me if I’m wrong, you’re actually currently looking for a co-founder. So this is good news for some of our connect fam who are looking for a job.

You have a background in building and growing teams, but. You’re looking for someone who has more of the sales and marketing component, right? Mm-hmm, tell us more about that.

Michelle: Yeah, I am. Thanks for asking about that. My background is finance and operations and team building and leadership development, but I’m really looking for someone to join me with a sales and marketing background that can round out my ability and I know that for my business or this business to truly succeed, I need to have diversity and thought skills and experience leading the company and not just, not just me. So yeah, I’m excited to eventually find somebody who can join me in this in this journey. 

Sandi: Amazing. And I wanna just dive into it for for a minute, talking about collaborations.

You have some good partnerships underway. How do we do that in our business. 

Michelle: Well, that’s that’s an interesting question. So I’ve, I, we have a lot of collaborations in, on different, different areas. I mean, everybody is just so willing to participate and contribute and they, they wanna help. And it just, it’s amazing the, their camaraderie and, and friendship that you can find in these groups.

Sandi: Definitely. I agree. . Well, thank you so much Michelle. And just tell us how can those watching find and follow all that you have going on? 

Michelle: Well, there’s a couple places of course we’re on Instagram at the Bosstrack and our, we’re online and our website is www the Bosstrack dot. We’re on LinkedIn and other social channels.

We have a weekly newsletter, which anyone can sign up for, but by going out to our website. And then of course you can always email us at hello the Bosstrack.com. We’re here for you. We’d love to hear from you. 

Stichiz: Well, thank you so much again, Michelle, for your time. 


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