Storytelling for Impact with Candis Hickman (#10)

Storytelling for Impact with Candis Hickman

In this episode I talk with Candis Hickman, a Spiritual Life Coach and Marketing Mentor for business leaders.

We talk about storytelling and how it can help new leaders communicate more effectively and build trust, we talk about her slow year experience and what she has planned for 2023.

About Candis

Candis Hickman is a Spiritual Life Coach and Marketing Mentor for business leaders, a public speaker and storyteller, and former on-camera host and podcaster. Throughout her decade-long career as a coach and creative professional, Candis has challenged clients and audiences to overcome their fear, build their stand-out personal brand and become known for their unforgettable stories.

Born and raised in Australia, Candis started her career as an Occupational Therapist. But when a move to the United States in 2011 resulted in the loss of her professional credentials, she was forced to forge a new path.  With no formal training or experience, Candis went on to secure work as an on-camera host and commercial model before transitioning into the coaching industry in 2015. It is here that she began teaching rising leaders how to develop, expand and manage their personal brand and has since guided 300+ clients and students to build brands they love anchored by their unique purpose.

Candis holds a degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland, Australia as well as certificates in Health Coaching and Image Consulting. She has spoken on diverse platforms such as the Small Business Expo, StartUp Weekend, Women for Success Summit and LIT College Tour, and has been the talent for brands including Schwarzkopf Professional, Wilson Sporting Goods, LifeFitness, and Virgin Trains, to name a few.

Where you can reach Candis

Instagram: ⁠@discovertheslowyear⁠

Website: ⁠www.candishickman.com⁠

The Slow Year: ⁠www.theslowyear.com


The Slow Year Experience
24k Magic by Bruno Mars
River by Leon Bridges
The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron
Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt


[02:05] Candis introduces herself
[02:53] How storytelling can help a leader succeed
[05:30] How to get started with storytelling
[11:28] How to tell your story while bringing value
[13:53] How joining events can help boost your storytelling
[16:35] Applying storytelling as a corporate leader
[17:54] Stories don’t have to be formal, they can be personal
[19:08] How to know you’re sharing the right story
[22:47] The value of practicing active listening 
[23:38] The process Candis uses to help clients know their story
[27:06] Candis explains The Slow Year Experience
[32:17] What has helped Candis to slow down
[35:40] Giving yourself permission to slow down
[36:07] The value of going to retreats
[40:04] What people can expect out of The Slow Year
[45:17] The mentor that has made a difference in Candis’ career
[47:25] Candis’ daily routine that she attributes her well-being to
[51:58] The song Candis goes to when she needs an energy boost
[53:23] A purchase <$100 that has made a difference for Candis
[55:44] The book Candis recommends


Storytelling is just one of those incredible skills to have because we’re all connected through stories.

Telling stories is something that is both powerful when it comes to branding yourself or marketing your services as it is to actually connecting with people and holding space as a leader.

In order for a story to really be effective we first have to understand the background that brings us to this place and time where we’re ready to tell the story, what it is that we’re trying to communicate around, or why we feel the need to tell a story to begin with.

When we tell those moving stories that’s when uh they have the impact that storytelling can actually have.

Personal stories are the most powerful stories.

We have to remember that the stories we share help to shape perception about us as much as it helps us to connect to people.

The fear is not yours you know let go and surrender.

I realized that so much of our pace is often self-inflicted even when the world around us is going fast or even when we have a lot of things on our plate we can find inner slowness and inner softness we can calm our minds that when everything around us feels like it’s in turmoil that there is still a source of peace that exists within us.





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