Stephanie Simon on Finding Outlets for Stress, Boxing, Inspiring Others and The Daily Stoic (#14)

Stephanie Simon on motivation, finding outlets for stress, boxing, inspiring others, and the Daily Stoic

In this episode I talk with Stephanie Simon, a Marine Corps Officer now serving as a reservist who is pursuing her Olympic goals of boxing.

Stephanie and I talk about motivating teams, delegating to and involving others to improve results, finding healthy outlet for stress, challenges she faced as a female Marine Corps officer, the benefits of being relatable to others, and inspiring others to change lives and so much more!

About Stephanie Simon:

Stephanie Simon is a Marine Corps Officer who was inducted into the USMC Boxing Hall of Fame and is pursuing her Olympic goals of boxing.

Stephanie is originally from Vancouver, WA but currently lives in Miami, FL. She graduated from the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD, where she learned how to box and eventually became a 3x collegiate national champion.  She was also the team captain of the track team and a member of the Glee Club.

In 2017, Stephanie commissioned as a US Marine Corps officer and became an Amphibious Assault Officer where she was in charge of 50 people. Towards the end of her time in the USMC, she was selected to be the captain of the USMC boxing team and there she became a 2x national champion and a USMC Boxing Hall of Famer.

Stephanie now serves as a reservist and is a recruiter in the corporate world while pursuing her Olympic goals.

How to reach Stephanie:

Instagram: ⁠@stephsimon94⁠

Youtube: ⁠@stephaniesimon123⁠

Email: stephaniesimon123@gmail.com


Stephanie’s Michael Jackson Walmart video
Golden – Jill Scott
Summer Sixteen – Drake
Everybody – Backstreet Boys
Daily Planner
Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
The Four Loves – CS Lewis


[02:52] Stephanie introduces herself
[05:00] What leadership looked like for Stephanie in the Marine Corps
[07:00] Showing your team their purpose
[09:29] Motivating your team to do the non-exciting things
[12:36] Delegating to your team to empower people
[15:29] How to know your team members are doing their part
[18:39] Tactics to alleviate stress and reenergize yourself
[21:57] What people get wrong about meditation
[24:44] Challenges Stephanie faced as a woman leader in the Marine Corps
[27:57] Coming in as above average and still not being enough
[30:34] Getting your team to respect you as a leader
[35:11] Being relatable and showing up for your team
[36:00] How Stephanie became interested in boxing
[38:03] Inspiring and motivating people through boxing
[43:47] Stephanie talks about her upcoming boxing tournament
[46:12] The mentor who made a difference in Stephanie’s career
[49:36] The daily routine Stephanie attributes her well being to
[52:38] Understanding that having negative thoughts is normal
[54:56] Showing up positively even when you’re feeling negative
[56:24] How Stephanie sparks her creative moments
[59:43] The song that hypes up Stephanie when she needs an energy boost
[1:02:09] The walk-out songs Stephanie chooses and why
[1:05:07] The one purchase <$100 that made a difference in Stephanie’s life
[1:08:57] The book Stephanie recommends everyone read


You know as a leader you have to show people their purpose you have to show them that they are worthy of you know of being respected and loved and taken care of you got to show them that even though they might not be doing all the cool things they do in the movies that they are still serving a greater purpose that’s much bigger than themselves.

Being a platoon Commander it’s a lot of things you’re juggling a lot of responsibility like I said not just for the people and for the equipment but also for upholding that like mentality that like okay no matter what I still have to show them that I’m good I have to show them that I’m not phased I have to show them that even though I’m tired or I’m hungry or I don’t feel very great right now that I got my composure and I’m still gonna be the best version of my best version of myself.

One of the biggest things is you have to know your people you have to know someone to motivate them.

When I say healthy I mean things that don’t like impair you things that don’t hurt you things that can only do good things.

Find something that allows you to almost get lost in that other world that’s where I feel like you can really I don’t know as a person I feel like you can really benefit from that.

One of the biggest challenges is was being dismissed and being kind of just counted out.

I realize as a female leader especially in charge of predominantly men that you don’t get to be average.

I don’t believe that average men and average women are seen equally I think to be seen as an average person as an average leader as a woman you have to be above average the scale is completely off.

You have to accept it especially if you’re in a room with all men and an atmosphere where you’re with predominantly men you have to accept the fact that you have to be above average and once you take that in you digest it and you’re like okay you know this is how it’s going to be then I feel like there’s no surprise.

That’s one of the things that I took pride in was the ability to be relatable and to show them that you know like I see them I see you guys.

I could care less about the physical you know the titles that doesn’t matter at the end of the day it’s about the relationships and the bonds that you create.





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