Standing Out Using Personal Branding (#1)

Standing out using personal branding

In this podcast, we spoke with Samantha Burmeister of Nomad Copy Agency. We talk about why it’s important for leaders, even in a corporate environment, to develop a personal brand, how to get started with creating your personal brand and how to stay authentic to who you are when creating your brand. 

Sam shares who her mentors are, tells us the best leadership advice she’s ever received and divulges her biggest challenges as a leader.

We also discuss her wellness hacks, the song that pumps her up, and the podcast she loves to listen to. And, at the end, Sam shares a peek into her nomad life with us!

You can reach Sam at:

Instagram: @nomad.copy

Email: samantha@nomadcopyagency.com

Website: www.nomadcopyagency.com

About Sam:

Sam Burmeister is the founder and lead copywriter at Nomad Copy Agency. At Nomad Copy, every business they write for receives bespoke copy to help them turn their sales process into a hands off high conversion experience. Sam has worked on dozens of online service provider launches many of which earned the client six figures or more. Ultimately her goal is to empower the entrepreneurs she works with to sell more, simply, so they can focus on designing and living the life of their dreams. So without further delay, let’s jump into our discussion with Sam!


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Jill of All Trades
Brené Brown
Gary Vee
Memory foam pillow
Yoga mat
Fat Bottom Girls/Queen
Build a Bigger Life/Adam Carroll
Free review of opt-in copy/email sequences


[02:18] What is personal branding
[02:58] Benefit of personal branding for leaders
[04:31] What is a copywriter
[06:22] How copy relates to personal branding
[07:47] What are your emails saying about you?
[08:56] Tips for creating a personal brand
[11:40] Staying authentic to who you are when developing your personal brand
[14:02] How your brand can change over your career
[16:01] Should you stay consistent with your brand on social media?
[17:08] Understanding what your pillars are on social media
[19:31] Choosing not to have social media
[21:23] Why you should Google yourself
[22:22] How to find an example of someone to emulate to kick-off your personal brand
[25:01] Questions to answer to start developing your personal brand
[28:19] Importance of having a professional image for leaders
[30:38] Samantha discusses the mentor who made a difference in her career
[33:31] Best leadership advice Sam ever received
[35:27] Most important qualities for a leader to have
[37:11] Overcommitting your team and yourself
[37:58] Biggest challenge for Sam starting out in her corporate career
[41:52] What Sam does that attributes to her overall wellbeing
[44:00] The song Sam listens to that pumps her up when she’s feeling down
[44:43] Podcast Sam recommends for leaders
[46:21] How to contact Sam


“The baseline in personal branding is understanding what you want your brand to be.”

“It always pays to remember what your owns strengths are and how you can amplify those…And good leadership is always helping elevate those around you, so leveraging the strengths of those around you to make sure youre lifting as you climb is an excellent sign of leadership.”

“You don’t have to only be the working version of you at work…you’re allowed to bring yourself into your brand.”

“Always be learning.”





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