Unstuck Yourself in Difficult Conversations

Replay: Unstuck Yourself in Difficult Conversations

Unstuck Yourself in Difficult Conversations

Approaching difficult discussions is hard – especially for new leaders. Often the default is to delay or avoid the conversation which only perpetuates the situation, leaves us anxious, frustrated or even angry and leads to distrust with our team.

We are so excited to have Crystal Simmons, Founder of Crystal Clear Purposes, Coach, Speaker and host of the Unstuck Yourself with Crystal Simmons podcast, join us to discuss easy ways to approach difficult conversations and how to reframe the idea of difficult conversations in your mind so the thought of approaching them makes you less anxious. Having the empathy, bravery and confidence to approach difficult conversations is critical to high-performance leadership and is a skill that will ultimately help you build trust with your team and yourself.

Michelle Harris, founder of Bosstrack, moderates the discussion.

Watch the replay below:

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