Replay: Networking and Relationship Building

Networking and Relationship Building for New Leaders

Replay: Networking and Relationship Building for the New Leader

Your professional support system, built through networking and relationship building, is one of the most powerful assets you’ll have as a leader. The right support system, like what we provide here at Bosstrack, can help you find confidence as a new leader, build a successful team, push your agenda forward, advance in your career and stay on top of trends impacting your work.

We are so excited to have Mara Smith, Founder and CEO of Inspiro Tequila, join us to discuss why networking for new leaders and building a system of mentors, peers and advocates is so important and how to effectively build your professional network and support system. She’ll provide strategies for building a system that works for you, for approaching someone new and for nurturing your network to keep it working for you.

This is an interactive meeting and time will be given for you to ask questions and contribute.

Michelle Harris, founder of Bosstrack, moderates the discussion.

Watch the replay below:

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