Randi Deckard on advocating for yourself, the danger of assumptions, working cross-functionally, and helping others shine (#47)

Randi Deckard on advocating for yourself, the danger of assumptions, the many benefits of working cross-functionally, breaking down silos and helping others shine.

This week I sat down with Randi Deckard, a Senior VP of Client Engagement, to talk about advocating for yourself, the danger of assumptions, the many benefits of working cross-functionally, breaking down silos, and helping others shine. We cover so much ground in this conversation!

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LinkedIn: ⁠⁠https://www.linkedin.com/in/randisuedeckard/

About Randi

Randi Deckard has over twenty years of commercial healthcare industry experience with a focus on driving revenue growth with a customer-obsessed approach.

She has experience driving revenue and profitability in the Life Sciences, Technology, and Financial Services sectors of Healthcare.

Randi has transformed her clinical scientist data-driven experiments into GTM playbooks that drive profitable sustainable growth.

She’s a Master of Revenue Architecture, a serial learner, and proud mama of two fur babies, Appollo and Luna.


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[02:28] Randi introduces herself
[06:47] Navigating the shift from individual contributor to leader
[11:08] Avoiding the trap of making assumptions
[12:18] What onboarding to a new role should look like
[16:34] Going slow in order to go fast
[17:25] Interviewing the company when considering a new role
[19:57] How to advocate for yourself without being arrogant
[25:45] Getting others to advocate for you
[32:15] Adding value to relationships at work
[35:41] Navigating a toxic work environment
[40:02] Having a Plan B in case things go wrong
[41:01] The only thing we can control
[43:52] Advocating for your team
[47:24] The mentors that made a difference in Randi’s career
[49:16] When advocacy comes from outside the company
[51:34] The routines that make a difference to Randi’s mental well-being
[53:10] The song that gives Randi a confidence boost when she needs it
[53:47] The book Randi recommends everyone check out
[55:22] The advice Randi wants to leave you with
[56:42] How to contact Randi


“I’ve been at organizations, as a newer leader and. Not knowing or not knowing people as well, I know what some of my strengths are and having conversations first off one on one with my boss. , in the past, these are the strengths that have helped me do X, Y, Z. And, I, these things also align with our objectives. And you said that this is important for you as you’re managing. This is something I can help you with. Are there things that, you can take off your plate and I can take for you?”

“Don’t be afraid to bring your authentic self. If that’s one thing that I could tell my younger self is, to, it’s okay to be you and bring your, bring your authentic, authentic self. And I think people respond to that. Respond to that and see that you’re genuine and you’re really trying to move the business forward”

“And even if you’re just going to your peers that are cross functional. And thinking about your role and asking, like, how are you impacted by what our department does, or what are other things, impacting you? Because if you can talk about the business in a 360 way, like I said, act like you’re a leader, even though you may not have that in your title. And that’s what a leader leader does. Right?”

“Life isn’t always fair. The only thing that we can control is how we choose to respond.”

“Start your network early, diversify your network, and you do you, be real with yourself. Check your ego, but, you do you everyone’s journey is unique. Don’t let anyone define what success is for you. If you want to work part-time because your kids come first, good for you. If, if you, want to, like I have my eyelashes, if you’re an eyelash girl, where your eyelashes, I think the more authentic you are and genuine you are. People respond to that. But just realize OPO, I call it other people’s opinion, not everyone who’s going to get you like you, but so find your tribe, find your community, and have your five people who support you and who cheer for you. You don’t need people dragging you down. You need people who lift you up and are cheering you on and want to see, the best is yet to come for you.”





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