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Networking for women

Michelle Harris joins Michelle Hammons and Wendy Morales on The CONNECT Network TV for a short conversation about everything Bosstrack and the benefits of networking for women.

We talk about our Bosstrack online community and the benefits of networking in our community, including how we can reframe networking as relationship building to make the process more enjoyable. And how could we not mention the benefits of building your hype squad #herhypesquadwithbosstrack.

We end the conversation by talking about our Bosstrack Leadership Accelerator program – what it is and the benefits of the program.

You can find the full episode of the show, including our segment on networking for women, on The CONNECT Network TV channel.


Welcome back, Texas. Welcome to the Connect Show. Our last guest today is on a mission to help women level up in their leadership and connect and create community. Joining us today is Michelle Harris from The Bosstrack. Welcome Michelle. Hi. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. Oh my goodness. Hi, we’re so excited to have you here.

Thank you for joining us today. We love how your platform is all about leveling up women, cuz it completely aligns with our heart here at the Connect Show. And for those who don’t know, can you please share a little bit more about what Bosstrack is all? Sure, of course. Yes. Bosstrack is a women’s leadership development company.

We are women’s centric and focused on diversity and inclusion. We’re focused on training and development, community and mentorship. Our mission is to cultivate women’s leadership growth through inclusive content courses, advocacy, community, and joyful, uplifting experiences, cuz we want women to not only succeed as leaders, but feel encouraged and excited about it.

Michelle, so it’s no surprise you have 25 years of experience in this space. Congratulations. That’s a big deal. Talk to us a little bit about your journey on getting here. Well, thank you for asking. It’s, it’s always so hard to talk about me and honestly, I never wanted Bosstrack to be about me. With that said, bear with me if I sound a little awkward as I talk about it.

But as you mentioned, I have 25, actually probably over 25 years of experience. I took my first leadership role only six months out of. Early in my career, I joined a spinoff organization. It was a, a consumer package goods organization, and I helped them build their finance team from a handful of people to over 50.

It was over leveraged, so I also had the opportunity to help them navigate through a bankruptcy and then with, through an acquisition. And in my last position I was an executive at a private equity backed health, retail and healthcare. And I helped them through around 150 acquisitions and then eventually helped them with a significant sale at Goldman Sachs.

And once we sold I decided it was fi time to find my own purpose and I started to develop the idea for Bosstrack so I could share my love for learning and leadership. And here we are. An instrumental part of Bosstrack is mentorship and networking. Talk to us about the type of community and the type of women that you work with at Bosstrack.

I love networking. I’ve always loved networking and meeting people. I’ve found though that networking puts. The, just the word networking puts people in defensive mode and they generally don’t like it. But I’d like to reposition it and think of it as relationship building generally. That’s kind of a foundation of Boss Drag is we wanted to have peers and mentors because peers and mentors and sponsorship are so important as.

Move up in your career. We provide women with a space where they can network with peers to share ideas, ask for advice, and generally network. It’s actually a great place to form your hype squad too, if you don’t have one yet. That’s great. And Michelle, you mentioned the eight week Leadership Accelerator program.

Why eight weeks? And what can someone expect to accomplish once they complete your program? Well, I’d like to talk about the program itself first. It, like you said, it’s eight weeks and it’s an ACC Excel Leadership Accelerator program. We talk about transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader.

So our next cohort program starts on July 11th. We have a great lineup of star coaches from industries. Lastly, like what you can expect during the program is every week we release a new module, and that is online and self-paced. Completely interactive and engaging. And then during that week, you have a one hour group coaching call with the coach that you’re assigned to for that week.

Oh, that’s amazing. So where can everyone follow you and register to become part of the Bosstrack? Thank you for asking. We have our, again, July 11th program starting up soon. And we have, we’re signing students up. You can go to our website. It’s. www.thebosstrack.com and you can find us really in quite a few different places.

We’re on Instagram at the Bosstrack, we’re on LinkedIn and other channels. We have a weekly newsletter you can sign up for if you go to our homepage. And then lastly, if you can’t figure out. What you need through any of those channels, you can definitely reach out to us by email at hello the Bosstrack.com and we’d really encourage you to do that.

We, we’d love to hear from you. Yes, Michelle. It has been such a pleasure learning about the resources. Everyone I seriously today is all about resources and what an incredible opportunity for women, not only to be connected, but to arise in their leadership. So ladies out there, if you’re ready to level up, In your leadership, build community and have accountability for what’s next.

Michelle, the Bosstrack sounds like that is the perfect fit, so thank you so much for dedicating your life to making others better and leveled up. So we just are so grateful that you came in today. Up next, we are wrapping things up with Camille Kauer in her weekly entertainment news at the East. Stay tuned


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