Michelle Harris: Key Strategies For Women Leaders 8 Pillars For Success

Workplace Warrior Podcast

In this episode, Jordan and Michelle discuss:

  • The mindset and strategy for women in technology
  • Responding to someone else taking credit for your idea
  • Feedforward: Getting input on how I can be heard
  • The importance of building a network for leaders
  • Why building trust in your team matters

Key Takeaways

  • Many times we see women get “talked over” in the workplace.
  • If somebody else takes credit for your idea in a meeting, address it respectfully by saying something like “thank you for reconfirming what I was talking about earlier” and then move on without bitterness or defensiveness.
  • Relationship-building is essential. Successful leaders have a team they can reach out to and ask how they’d approach certain situations. They also have a circle of trusted friends outside of the company to whom they can vent..
  • Build trust with your team, create an emotionally safe environment and promote honesty, openness, and directness. As a leader, you need truthful and accurate information. People shouldn’t be afraid to speak up within your team.

“For any new leaders out there, people are going to try to tell you what they think you want to hear and that’s not good for you, you need to hear the truth. How can you make good decisions and lead your team forward with bad information? ” — Michelle Harris

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