Liz Hettler on Leading with Heart, Recognizing Your Value, Uplifting Other Women, and Finding Calm in Cycling (#34)

Liz Hettler on leading with heart, recognizing your value, uplifting other women, and finding calm in cycling

This week I talk with Liz Hettler about leading with heart, recognizing your value, women uplifting women, and finding calm in cycling.

Liz has so much great advice to share from her leadership and life experiences. 

About Liz: 

Liz Hettler is the Director of Experience at Vesta Home. She is obsessed with human experiences both externally and internally. She’s a people first leader and is passionate about women supporting women.

Liz has led teams in both corporate and retail environments – consistently placing priority on improving the customer experience. As she puts it, she likes to add a little flare to every interaction. She completed her MBA with distinction at DePaul University.

Liz is originally from Chicago, but currently resides in LA and enjoys cycling and spending time with her adorably cute rescue dog. 

Contact Liz:

LinkedIn: ⁠liz-hettler-893237ba


Formation by Beyonce
True Crime Podcast
The Coaching Habit by Michael Bungay Stanier
The Data Detective by Tim Harford


[00:02:20] Introduction to Liz Hettler
[00:04:45] Liz shares challenges she’s faced in a male dominance environment
[00:011:16] A time when Liz’s gender affected her opportunities or interactions
[00:13:40] What ‘emotionally charged” means to Liz
[00:16:50] A time when Liz’s voice was not being heard and how she navigated through it all
[00:25:00] Is being a leader in retail different vs leader in a corporate role?
[00:27:50] What recommendations does Liz have to new leaders involving gender equality?
[00:32:40] Liz’s hopes for a future with gender equality changes in the workplace
[00:33:50] As a new leader coming in what does Liz recommend promoting gender equality?
[00:35:41} What Liz wished she knew when she started out – lessons learned
[00:37:20] Who is Liz’s mentor that made an impact in her life
[00:39:40] What is Liz’s daily routine to help her stay balanced
[00:42:35] Favorite Songs to keep Liz focused
[00:46:50] Special purchases under $100 that changed Liz’s quality of life?
[00:48:55] Favorite Podcasts
[00:51:10] Final thoughts with Liz


“I think what I learned was to really work on not being self-conscious, which is so much easier said than done. But just understanding that not knowing everything that happens in a room is actually a really powerful thing because it gives you the opportunity to grow and learn and understand new things.”

“Today, I just ask. I tend to ask, ‘How do you mean?’ or ‘What do you mean by that?’ It gives me more context where I can fully understand what this person is saying and be able to give them my expertise.”

“When they ask you a question, my favorite thing to do is to turn it around and say, ‘Well, what do you think?’ Nine times out of ten, it’s something I would have never thought of, and it’s actually way better than what I would have come up with.”

“I’ve found success in almost camouflaging and meeting their tone. I adjust to not lose myself, but to mirror their communication style so they can hear me better.”

“I think it’s really important to humanize everyone you work with, especially your team. Understand what they’re going through personally so you can help adjust their workflow and make them feel successful despite any turbulence in their life.”

“Women supporting women is crucial. We get lost in defending ourselves against men, but it’s important to help newer leaders break the glass ceiling by throwing down a rope ladder.”

“Know your worth and value. You are your only blocker. It’s okay not to know everything, and it’s important to recognize that you are the expert in your subject matter.”

“It’s human nature to become emotionally attached to something you spend 40-plus hours doing a week. Understanding your emotions and using them to drive impactful measurements is essential.”





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