Leadership and Curls with Casey Simmons (#3)

Talking Leadership and Curls with Casey Simmons

In this episode we talk with Casey Simmons, owner of Royal Locks Curl Care, a niche, direct-to-consumer curly hair brand. Their mission is to make curls work for you by providing high performing, multi-benefit products with simple routines to fit your lifestyle and enhance your unique beauty. 

We talk with Casey about how she thinks about building her team and how she leads remotely. We talk about how she manages meetings to avoid Zoom fatigue and to avoid meeting just to meet.

We get into a discussion about curly hair science – such an interesting topic! 

And then we get into hard maybe’s, making lists and living abroad.

Such a wonderful discussion with Casey!

About Casey:

Casey Simmons is the owner of Royal Locks Curl Care – a niche Direct To Consumer curly hair products brand. She has over 20 years of management and operations experience, and as a grant consultant helped organizations receive and manage over $28 million.

Casey and her husband purchased Royal Locks Curl Care in 2019 after pregnancy awakened her natural waves—and her curiosity about curl-care. The curly-haired community is such a vibrant, active group and  she wants Royal Locks to be a bigger part of it.

Outside of working and parenting, volunteering has been her greatest passion and privilege.

You can find Royal Locks Curl Care at:


YouTube: ⁠https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS27bilIKP8L2ofkfhtVLrg⁠

@royallockscurlcare on IG & FB

@royallockscc on TikTok


Royal Locks Curl Care
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[02:04] What is Royal Locks Curl Care
[02:34] Casey Simmons background
[03:54] What leadership looks like with Royal Locks?
[05:35] About acquiring the Royal Locks brand
[07:08] Building the Royal Locks team
[07:46] Past and present leadership experience, which is more important?
[10:38] Building trust with your team
[12:19] Sharing funny/humbling stories
[15:53] Tips on how to manage a team remotely
[18:26] Tracking productivity
[20:58] How to handle customer reviews
[23:53] Hormones, pregnancy and curly hair, what’s the link?
[27:28] The value of mentorship
[32:39] The best leadership advice Casey received
[34:26] On being an adventurer
[37:56] The daily routine Casey attributes her well-being to
[40:38] Casey’s go-to songs for energy and motivation
[42:03] The podcast Casey is listening to and loving right now
[47:04] What’s in the future for Royal Locks?
[52:57] Best way to contact Royal Locks


“I think curly hair is really about a lifestyle it’s about an expression and that’s really come through with our Rebrand so hopefully that will last”

“I have to believe that that probably taught you resilience and like even to some point rejection and made you stronger as a leader.”

“When someone can surprise and delight you with something that you haven’t even thought of or asked for yet that’s perfect.”

“Hair Care hair is really funny, it’s a whole chemistry relationship that I didn’t realize before my hair turned wavy but it’s this whole relationship between your hair, the elements, the products, the ingredients like there’s a lot that goes into it.”

“Look good feel good, feel good look good.”

“If you don’t know, ask questions, like who can you ask I think that’s the most important thing.”





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