How to delegate as a leader

How to Delegate - Download this Toolkit

We get it – delegation is hard! Let us guide you with an easy process for how to delegate to your team.

Delegation is an essential skill if you want to be a successful, impactful leader. You’ll want to learn the art of delegation quickly. Make it easier and master delegation with this toolkit which will help you change your mindset around delegation and guide you through the process of delegating! Use this toolkit to help with your delegation assessment and plan. 

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To learn more about how to effectively delegate and how to transition from individual contributor to leader, take The First Time Leader Course.

Overview of The First Time Leader Course

Becoming a new leader is an exciting opportunity and one to celebrate. With this new role and title will come a host of new learning and growth opportunities. This course includes: 

  • a self-paced course (with 1.5 continuing education credits)
  • activities and discussion prompts
  • free online access to our community, and 
  • 3 free group coaching sessions

The First Time Leader course will help you think through all of the upcoming changes to your role, your working style, your leadership mindset, and your team. In this course we’ll cover:

  • Overview of what it means to be a leader
  • How to lead in multiple directions
  • The art of delegation – how to delegate as a leader
  • Thinking like a leader
  • Developing the leader mindset
  • Your focus in your first few weeks
  • Ways to get to know your team
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Challenges faced by women in leadership
  • How men can help address biases and be allies

Join us today to rock your new role as a leader in your organization. Click here to sign up today!


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