Creating a Team Culture with Valerie Bihet (#5)

Valerie Bihet on Creating a Team Culture

In this episode, we sit down to talk with Valerie Bihet – founder of VIBE, an event design and destination management company. 

We talk to Valerie about the culture she’s created at VIBE, how she empowers her team, how she leads her team remotely and why she believes team building activities are so important. You won’t want to miss her talking about “having dessert first!”

We mentioned in the podcast that I’d follow up on a few things after the show. To clarify, the songs Valerie mentions are Imitadora by Romeo Santos and Le dernier jour du disco by Juliette Armanet. Also – the thriller author she recommends is Harlen Coben.

You can find Valerie at:

Instagram: @thevibeagency

Website: www.thevibeagency.com

About Valerie:

Valerie Bihet is an award-winning event producer with more than 27 years of experience in the management, design and production of special events that communicate and achieve her client’s objectives.

Originally from Paris, France, Valerie got her start in events working as the Public Relations and Special Events Manager at Disneyland Paris and Public Relations Director at Club Med Paris.

In 2004 Valerie founded ⁠VIBE⁠, an event design and destination management company, in Miami, Florida. The company has produced more than 1,100 events throughout the US, Europe, Mexico, East Asia and South America. Valerie has received multiple professional recognitions for her work.

Her clientele includes global brands like Dior, Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, LVMH, Coty, L’Oréal, Barclays, Banco Santander, McCain, Merck, Thea Pharmaceuticals, and many more.


Imitadora by Romeo Santos
Le Dernier Jour du Disco by Juliette Armanet
Harlan Coben – Woods


[02:40] About Valerie and her leadership background
[04:02] What made Valerie decide to branch out and start her own agency
[05:26] Valerie’s core values as an entrepreneur
[07:51] The benefit of focusing on relationships
[09:48] What do you do to retain your team members
[12:40] Doing things differently as being part of a team and as a leader
[14:34] The difficulty of delegation and why it’s necessary
[16:35] What Valerie thinks is the most important thing to learn as a leader
[18:07] How to build a culture when your team is remote
[22:26] Camera on or off, what’s Valerie’s take
[22:13] Why team building is so important
[26:04] Team building activities that give so much value
[27:12] Contact Valerie for team building ideas
[28:45] Turning your tongue seven times in your mouth before talking
[31:04] Valerie’s most important mentor
[34:33] Advice on how to find the right mentor
[37:08] The best leadership advice Valerie ever received
[38:18] Routines Valerie attributes to her overall wellbeing
[40:51] Songs Valerie listens to that hype her up
[42:21] Books Valerie recommends


I started with dessert and then I moved back again to put the foundation work on the company.

As an entrepreneur, your core values are supposed to reflect also who you are in life and how you want to live your life so definitely mine are to act with honesty and integrity in everything that you do.

Every day when you wake up you need still to want to go to go to work and to be passionate by what we will do today what we will accomplish.

I think relationship it’s like friendship you need to call people you need to get update from them you need to make uh some little attention that they will remember and will please them.

Don’t be afraid in your relationship to say you know this our relationship right now is not fitting who I become or is that fitting where I am right now how can we make this work uh what can we do we need really to communicate all these type of things and I think this is important in your in the relationship.

You evolve with any experience you learn from it and you take always a piece of it and you try to do it better.

You need to know that somebody else can even do it better so don’t be afraid to delegate so this is how really I build a team.

I say to my team you have the right to do one mistake a day not twice the same.

Respect your team and respond in a timely manner.

Push yourself to learn new things to go outside your comfort zone.





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