Clarissa Burt on self-esteem, reinventing yourself, and finding joy in connection and continuous learning (#48)


To get this new year started, I sat down with Clarissa Burt, CEO of In the Limelight Media and author of The Self-Esteem Regime. We talk about self-esteem, reinventing yourself, and finding joy in connection and continuous learning. 

I loved Clarissa’s energy, and I know you’ll really enjoy this conversation!

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Website: ⁠www.clarissaburt.com

About Clarissa

Clarissa Burt is an internationally acclaimed award-winning media personality, producer, director, writer, author, public speaker and former supermodel and winner of the celebrity version of Italian Survivor.

With hundreds of television and film credits to her name, this Who’s Who of International and American Women brings over 35 years of entertainment industry experience in both International and American markets.

Clarissa is the Founder and CEO of In the Limelight Media, a multi-media platform consisting of TV/video, a podcast, and a digital magazine. Her shows can be seen on ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV among other places and her podcast is heard on 15 different distribution platforms. She is also the author of the internationally pluri-award bestselling book entitled The Self-Esteem Regime.

Clarissa was the first American to present Russian TV at the Kremlin and has had two private audiences with Pope John Paul II honoring her social work.

As Ambassador to the United States for the “Walking Africa” campaign, she actively helped African women win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011.


The Self-Esteem REgime
In the Limelight with Clarissa digital magazine
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Jack Canfield Mirror Exercise
Looking for your ‘Career Umbrella’
What Color is Your Parachute
Amado Mio
Dove Self-Esteem Project
Social Media and Youth Mental Health
Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People
I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli
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[03:06] Clarissa shares her thoughts on self-esteem
[05:24) Clarissa shares her background
[07:24] Understanding what you’ve learned from your natal tribe
[08:31] Loving the self-help section at bookstores
[09:26] Clarissa shares her book The Self-Esteem REgime
[13:06] The connection between re-invention and revisiting self-esteem
[13:51] Describing mirror work introduced by Louise Hay and Jack Canfield
[15:51] Handling rejection and its impact on self-esteem
[18:23] Creating your own opportunities and possibilities
[20:19] Finding out what your calling or passion is
[22:42] Understanding what imposter syndrome really is
[25:40] Leading with heart
[26:53] Creating a safe space for people to share
[31:12] Overcoming the feeling of imposter syndrome
[34:17] Creating a personal values system
[38:13] Defining what it means to really be enough
[40:25] Social media and the impact on mental health
[44:50] Clarissa talks about the mentor that has impacted her life the most
[47:27] Clarissa shares her daily routine that keeps her in a good mental place
[49:08] Daily affirmations and the benefits of them
[53:10] The songs that give Clarissa an energy or confidence boost
[55:08] The books Clarissa recommends that we all read
[57:52] Clarissa’s final words of advice and inspiration
[1:00:00] Where to find Clarissa online


“Self esteem is one of those kind of things that if it’s not together by the time your feet hit the ground in the morning, you’re going to be having issues either with the relationship to yourself or with others.”

“When you talk about self esteem, I mean, people say, well, do you ever get to a point? No, you never take a self esteem test, Michelle, and pass, you know, and then you’re good to go for the rest of your life because life is life and it, it will trigger you. It’s going to do it. So get ready for that”

“Don’t worry about the first stumbling blocks because failure is your first attempt in learning and it is to be celebrated. I don’t want you to live there too long, but I want you to be able to say, okay. Failure. Good. I know what I won’t do. Great. I’m one step closer to success.”

“One of the first things I wanted to share also was this whole idea of being enough. I am enough. You are enough. We are enough. Everybody’s enough. Okay. I looked up the definition of enough and the definition goes like this. Only as much as is required. So by definition, enough isn’t enough.

Here’s what the new mantra is. And I really urge everyone to write this down and put this on that, on that famous sticky note and keep it close. I am so much more than enough. God, am I so much more than enough, you know, and believe it and read it and be it.”





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