Building Leadership Credibility with Melissa Park (#7)

Building Leadership Credibility with Melissa Park

In this episode I’m talking with Melissa Park, an award-winning global event producer and founder of Melissa Park Events and the Mel-Factor Method.

Melissa and I talk about building leadership credibility, using your network for success, the importance of asking questions and the time she met Sir Richard Branson.

I hope you find as much value in listening to this episode as I did recording it!

About Melissa Park

Melissa “Mel” Park is an award-winning Global Event Producer who has utilized her engaging personality, unending energy, and attention to logistical and design details to build a business that is recognized across the United States and Australia.

After producing high profile, business and consumer events Melissa broke out on her own and launched her first event management company in Australia at the age of 26. She produced events like HSBC Bank’s Chinese New Year Gala Dinner Tour and more than 20 outdoor festivals attracting 20,000 – 100,000 attendees.

She also served as the stage manager for notable events like the Sydney Olympic Games 10 Year Anniversary Ceremony, Sydney International FIFA Fan Fest in 2010, and the Major League Baseball Opening Series in 2014.

Melissa moved to the US in 2014 where she began working internally for two years at Hortonworks and two years later stepped back out on her own with ⁠Melissa Park Events⁠ specializing in elevating brands, amplifying corporate messages and transforming struggling events into extraordinary must-attend experiences.

She’s made a name for herself in the technology space for her seamlessly executed large-scale user conferences, strategic sponsorships, and innovative brand activations. Her client list has grown from one continent to another based on referrals, recognition from attendees onsite, and clients who return year after year for her to produce their events.

She currently splits her time between New York and Sydney when she is not traveling to produce her nearly 30 annual events.

Her events have been featured on many TV and radio programs in Australia. She is the creator of the ⁠The Mel-Factor Method⁠ masterclass, a contributing writer to numerous publications and a sought-after keynote speaker and panelist.

I’m so excited to bring you my conversation with Melissa Park.

You can reach Mel at

Instagram: ⁠@melissaparkevents⁠

Website: ⁠www.melissapark.co⁠

Email: melissa@melissapark.co

LinkedIn: ⁠melissapark


Rachel Hollis
Rachel Hollis’ Scandals Explained
Working Class Man by Jimmy Barnes
Business is Personal by Bethenny Frankel
Mel Factor Method Masterclass
Risk and Resilience by Lisa Messenger
Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger
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[03:16] Melissa introduces herself
[04:34] How Melissa got interested in event planning
[05:50] How Melissa was using time-blocking in Kindergarten
[06:38] What led Melissa to start Melissa Park Events
[08:34] How did Melissa launch Melissa Park Events
[10:30] What made Melissa decide to focus on tech clients
[12:11] How networking helped Melissa in her career
[13:29] Melissa explains The Mel Factor
[15:29] Who the Mel Factor Method is for
[18:08] How to get beyond being petite and get people to follow you
[23:59] How to position yourself to be heard 
[25:59] Being open to asking questions
[29:38] On meeting Sir Richard Branson
[30:14] Melissa shares a horror story from earlier in her career
[33:39] A mentor Melissa attributes her success to
[36:20] On doing her own personal development conferences
[37:05] Best leadership advice Melissa ever received
[40:09] The wellness routine Melissa attributes her wellbeing to
[42:01] The song Melissa listens to in order to boost her energy
[43:50] Melissa’s book recommendations


Pick your battles, and when you pick one go all in.

Boundaries uh the biggest and most important thing ever.

Getting my exercise in at some point toward the earlier part of the day is super important to me.





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