Building Connection and Community with Courtlyn Jones (#11)

Building Connection and Community with Courtlyn Jones

In this episode I talk with Courtlyn Jones, a graphic designer, visual artist and founder of The Design Database.

Courtlyn and I talk for a little bit about challenges she faced in the workplace as a creative and then move on to how she’s building connection and community with her startup. She offers tips on networking and provides some great advice for finding happiness in your life.

About Courtlyn:

Courtlyn Jones is a NYC-based graphic designer and visual artist. And she’s the founder of The Design Database —— a women-owned, leading membership-based marketplace. and community for female and non-binary freelance Creatives working in visual arts.

As a Creative herself, she understands the struggles of feeling under appreciated in the workplace.

She left her 9 – 5 job to not only build her dream career, but to help other artists do the same.

Her platform bridges the gap in gender parity by providing a safe space for female artists to meet higher-quality clients, connect with fellow Creatives to build community and gain mentorship, and SELL their physical artwork to new customers.

To really understand what the Design Database is, just Think Fiverr meets Vistaprint!

How to find Courtlyn:

Instagram: ⁠@courtlyn.jones⁠

Email: cjones@thedesigndatabase.net

(A quick note about the audio and video for this podcast, we experienced some last minute drilling on the floor above us, so I had to move the recording outside – which means our connection wasn’t 100%. Just wanted to explain the audio along with any dogs or voices you might hear in the background.)

I hope you enjoy this conversation with my friend and founder, Courtlyn Jones.


The Design Database
Boom Startup Program
Roar – Katy Perry
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


[02:40] Courtlyn introduces herself
[04:18] How Courtlyn decided to go out on her own
[06:50] Why Courtlyn decided to leave the corporate world
[09:10] On feeling unappreciated in the workplace
[11:45] The value of being vocal with your work
[12:35] Courtlyn’s journey as an entrepreneur
[16:12] Courtlyn explains Design Database
[18:50] The value Courtlyn gets from networking
[21:05] How to know who to reach out
[24:02] Challenges in handling a team
[26:45] Building a relationship with your team
[28:35] Tips to handle delegation
[30:31] The mentor that has made a difference in Courtlyn’s career
[35:25] The daily routine Courtlyn attributes her well-being to
[36:40] The song that gives Courtlyn a confidence boost when she needs it
[37:55] One purchase <$100 that made a difference in Courtlyn’s life
[41:50] The book Courlyn recommends everyone read


Being a leader it’s a lot of pressure to be in charge of everything.

I’m learning that I just have to be patient

Having that understanding that I have to pass it on to someone else makes it easier for me to do so.





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