Confidence and Energy Playlist – Volume 1

Leadership Confidence

Boost your energy and leadership confidence with our Spotify playlist!

Did you know we have a Spotify playlist curated just for you boss women out there – a feel good, build energy playlist designed to boost your energy and leadership confidence when you need it. Or if you just want to enjoy great music by boss female music artists! 

Click on the playlist image below to start listening now (and don’t forget to save it to your library so you can keep listening).

Watch our Resources page for Bosstrack Vol. 2 coming soon!

Leadership confidence
Bosstrack Vol. 1


Leadership Confidence


At the most basic level, confidence is your belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s not simply feeling good about yourself, but rather the belief that you can create a successful outcome through action. Everyone can be confident and this course will help to get you on the path or further along if you are already on it! In this course we will understand how to build confidence and show up as a confident leader in the workplace. We’ll cover:

• What it means to be confident
• Confidence and women
• 10 ways to build confidence

Join us today to build your leadership confidence to become the successful, respected leader you are meant to be.


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