Andrea Shaikin on communicating for results, securing buy-in, failing forward, and authentempathy (#37)

Andrea Shaikin on communicating for results

This week I talk with Andrea Shaikin on communicating for results, securing buy-in, being open with failures, and authentempathy – a concept Andrea developed and will explain in the conversation.

Andrea has so much great leadership experience and advice to share.

How to contact Andrea:

LinkedIn: @andreashaikin

About Andrea

Andrea Shaikin is a leader in Business Development, Partner Relationship Management, Loyalty, CRM, and Customer Experience & Engagement. 

She is the Director of Partner Onboarding at AIR MILES, Canada’s largest Loyalty Program. 

Previously, she has held roles at Quark Expeditions, Staples Canada, Mr. Lube Canada, Royal Bank of Canada and Hudson’s Bay where she has led Business Development, Digital Transformations, CRM and Content Marketing Initiatives and Loyalty and Engagement Product and Program Development. 

She is an author, speaker & podcast guest, panelist and consultant, and she volunteers as a Career Mentor with Newcomers to Canada through CultureLink.


Nomads: Adventurous Businesswomen who are Changing the World while Traveling
Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, et al
Difficult Conversations by Douglas Stone
Thomas Edison quote on 10,000 failures
Raise Your Glass by P!nk
Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken by P!nk
I am Here by P!nk
I’m not Dead by P!nk
Les Mills On Demand
Brené Brown


[02:41] Andrea Shaikin introduces herself
[03:57] Cowriting a book on women traveling
[05:04] Traveling for business
[05:53] Meeting new people at the airport
[06:16] Leadership qualities important for leaders
[07:01] Communicating to get buy-in
[08:09] The benefits of being asked “why?”
[10:35] Having the difficult conversations
[12:26] Being polite and respectful vs. being nice
[14:45] How to talk about mistakes and failures
[18:04] On failure being the best lesson
[21:22] Personal tips for leading remotely
[25:22] Usefuleness of having 1:1 meetings
[28:25] Andrea explains authentempathy
[33:47] Being willing to say sorry or I was wrong
[36:57] Difficulty of managing stress and burnout
[39:05] Exercising to ease stress and solve problems
[44:06] The narrative we tell ourselves when we’re feeling burnout
[45:05] How mentorship has benefited Andrea’s career
[48:35] The routine Andrea attributes her wellness to
[51:27] On being a very big fan of P!nk
[52:17] Advantages of using Les Mills On Demand
[53:48] Why Andrea likes reading Brené Brown books
[54:41] On Her HypeSquad being a Brené fan club podcast
[56:06] Andrea’s one last piece of advice or inspiration nm\[


“A lot of times people walk around thinking, that’s it. My life is over or I’m going to get fired, or, I’m never going to have an ability to bounce back from this. But when we go out and say, thank you for sharing that and congratulations for saying you learn something. And, and that’s great. I feel like that lifts that burden of negativity and fear from them also, so that then they’re not afraid to keep trying.”

“So if I blend it into authentempathy, what I feel that does for me is it goes back to the communication, really. It opens up this ability in me to say, how can I be a real person? Not all of my verbosity or my impatience or my frustration, or my loudness doesn’t have to come out. But I’m a real person and that person is a real person and they are maybe facing a challenge that I don’t know about.”

“Because that’s the other thing with, with burnout sometimes I think part of what causes burnout is that we are also at the same time telling ourselves this narrative that we shouldn’t be feeling the way we’re feeling, that we should be able to handle it. Why? What is wrong with me? Why am I feeling so stressed? Instead of saying, yeah, you know what, there’s a big pile on right now. That’s why I’m feeling this way.”





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