5 Ways Female Leaders Can Engage Remote Employees


Many teams have enjoyed the benefits of remote work including dressing down, having more time with family, and more flexibility. But managing a remote workforce isn’t always easy. Here are five ways you can engage your remote employees.

Foster Communication & Engagement
As a female leader, you have incredible value to bring to the workplace and your team. You can engage your remote employees through open communication and intentional engagement. Openly share your doubts and opinions with your team. This will solidify the bond you have with them and establish you as a relatable leader. 

Show Employees You Care
Historically and culturally, we’ve heard that women are more emotionally inclined than their male counterparts. Tap into that and use it to show your employees you care. Employees that feel cared for and appreciated are much more likely to be engaged at work. 

Ask For & Listen to Feedback
Studies show that women ask for feedback significantly more than men in the work-from-home environment. Use this to your advantage to engage your employees. You can make them feel valued by simply asking for their opinion or feedback. On the other end, don’t be afraid to give constructive feedback to your team. 

Recognize Your Team
Remote workers tend to struggle with the work-life balance and end up spending way too much time on work. Even still, they don’t always feel part of the team. One solution is to recognize your team member’s contributions. You can use an online recognition platform to give every employee the ability to view, comment on, and give recognition to each other. Research shows that employee recognition is a driving factor behind employee engagement. 

Support New Hires
Starting a new job fully remote can be incredibly challenging and lonely for employees. You can promote engagement for your remote employees by providing additional training, one-on-one meetings, and even assigning them a mentor. 


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