5 Tips For Establishing Boundaries at Work


If you’ve noticed the challenge of establishing a healthy work-life balance, you’re not alone. While remote work has its benefits, it’s hard to completely unplug from work when your home essentially becomes your office. For example, do you respond to emails outside of business hours? Do you make yourself available 24/7 to solve any problem that might arise? Here are a few tips to help you establish healthy boundaries at work.

Review Your Personal Boundaries
Before you can establish healthy boundaries at work, you should review your personal boundaries. These will come from your priorities and values. Aside from work, you have your home life, relationships, passions, hobbies, and personal space to consider. Do a quick check-in and review your personal boundaries right now. Could you make any improvements in certain areas? Or do you feel pretty content with where you’re at?

Once you have determined the values and priorities you want to put in place at work, you need to communicate them. Let your team know that you’re not available on Slack after 6 pm or that you don’t check work emails on the weekend. When everything is communicated upfront, your team will know what to expect from you and you won’t feel tempted to get pulled outside of your boundaries. 

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Create Structure in the Workplace
Structure is essential, especially in the workplace. By communicating upfront with your team, you’re able to establish clear boundaries and expectations. This ensures your entire time is on the same page and it will limit the number of boundary-breakers in the workplace.

It’s OK to Say ’No’
It’s a lot easier said than done, but saying ‘no’ is a way to ensure you maintain healthy work boundaries. Whether it means saying ‘no’ to taking on a project you don’t have the bandwidth for, an after-hours work call, or an email on the weekend — it’s 100% okay to say ‘no’. 

Take Time Off
You can also manage your boundaries by taking time off of work. It might be tempting to let vacation time build-up, but make sure to use the time you’ve been given. You’ve earned it! Plus, you’ll be able to show up as your best self when you’re fully rested and recharged.

Source: https://www.careercontessa.com/advice/healthy-boundaries-at-work/


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