5 Surprising Truths About Being a New Manager


If you’ve recently become a new manager…congratulations! You’re probably feeling a mix of emotions right now: excitement, nervousness, joy, and maybe a little fear. The transition to manager could be a little easier if there was a blueprint or guide to go off of. We love the recommendations made by Cupcake and Cashmere, so we put together our own list of 5 things no one tells you about becoming a new manager:

1. Managing is Time-Consuming
Let’s be honest, when you first got promoted you may have imagined your tasks would automatically get assigned to someone else. While that eventually happens, you need to make it happen – all while having a whole new set of responsibilities to take on. 

Besides the new responsibilities, you will find that managing a team takes up a whole lot of time. You’ll be the first point of contact for direct reports when something goes wrong, they have a question, etc., which leaves less time to take care of your responsibilities. 

2. You’ll Have to Make Tough Calls
One of the more challenging things about being a manager is making tough decisions that aren’t always popular. You’ll probably have opinionated members of your team that may make you feel swayed to make one decision over another. The best you can do is let them know you’ve heard them and considered their opinions. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. 

3. You Should Encourage Communication
Your team will be a lot easier to manage if you create an environment of communication and growth. Managing can be a lot harder than it has to be if your team is siloed in their own bubbles. Encourage communication within your team by creating a space where asking questions, sharing feedback, and offering opinions are welcomed. 

4. There’s Still Lots to Learn 
It can be tempting to think that because you’re stepping into a manager position, you’ve finally learned it all. The reality is that there will be a new set of skills to learn as a leader. Not everyone is a born leader, but you can definitely learn. Our First Time Manager Course walks you through all of the upcoming changes to your role, your working style, your leadership mindset, and your team.

5. It Can Be Lonely
Rising through the ranks often means better pay, more flexibility, and making impactful decisions. But not enough people talk about how lonely it can be. If you’ve recently landed a position as a manager and feel isolated, just know you’re not alone. Managers often have to make decisions on their own and balance the thin line between being a boss and a friend. Find a support network of other leaders and managers that you can lean on and get advice from, such as our Bosstrack Community. You can register here.

Being a manager is much more than just taking on more responsibilities—it’s a whole new job in and of itself. By being aware of these 5 points, you can put together a plan of action before you face them. I encourage you to check out our First Time Manager Course. You’ll learn how to manage a team, improve your leadership mindset, and overcome common challenges faced by female leaders.


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